Artist Bio


Trudi Hipworth’s art harmonises commanding colour complexions, reflecting the splendour of natural creation , whilst concurrently evoking moments of contemplation and pleasure . Assembling a myriad of layers in acrylics and mixed media , these elements are deposited onto the canvas via a blend of sponges , brushes , rags and various tools and are the consequence of a creative process that is primarily meditative and instinctive .

Largely inspired by environmental patterns and colourisations, her work depicts the dialogue between nature and art , and derive from a place of deep-seated healing .
Raised in an artistic family , Trudi’s creative journey intensified after personal tragedies , leading her to discover the therapeutic power of art . Through study and experimentation she developed her current style , marked by unconventional tools and mixed media.

Since 2009, Trudi has showcased her work in numerous exhibitions throughout Melbourne and has been featured in The Other Art Fair exhibition in both Melbourne and Sydney . Her pieces have found homes in private collections across Australia , Europe and the United States , resonating with audiences world wide.